ABOUT Nakai San


In the tuning industry, there is a well-known car tuner you must know, Akira Nakai,

the founder of Porsche tuning company RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF (RWB).

Nakai san was a Japanese automobile racer when he was young,

but he only started to tune a car after his retirement,

then set up a car tuning workshop at Kashiwa City, in Chiba Prefecture, Tokyo,

Japan named "Rauh-Welt Begriff" (RWB) in German which means

"to transform a car into a wilder and rugged state. "


RWB is a garage that specializes in tuning older Porsche models such as the

930, 946, 993, etc. "The Porsche car itself is in great appearance and performance,

while I am just expanding its potential and manufacturability.", Nakai San said.

With these words, Nakai san encompassed the reasons for his high appraisal

for Porsche and his dedication to tuning the car for over 20 years.


"Every car has its own soul, half born with innate and half given by its owner. Therefore, all the Porsche that I have tuned with my own hands are given by the owners. "

Nakai san set up all the kit and chassis by his own hands, including the

tilt angle and binding angle settings.

He will also measure each pieces of trim, touch and polish each pieces by hands.

The master of tuning, Akira Nakai, has contributed all his spirit and attention

into making the best piece of work.
the piece of art in pursuit of eternal excellence, has been on display at Tokyo Auto Salon in 2009.
This is how the RWB tuning journey began to take the world by storm.