RWB Philadelphia #1 | Prince (4K)


Philadelphia births its very first RWB in a unique location.

In this documentary we watch Akira Nakai create yet another one of

his masterpieces for Ben Harmony in his home garage.

What makes this build unique is that it doesn't take place in a shop or

store but in the childhood home of Ben Harmony for

just him and his family to observe.

We see the Harmonys get emotional once the build is complete and

what Ben has worked so hard for, at such a young age of 22,

sits in the garage of the house he grew up in.

Every move we see Akira Nakai make is meticulously calculated inside in

his mind and then immediately transferred the car.

What came from 3 days of that is pure beauty.

The newly named "Prince," after the "Fresh" was dropped by Nakai,

winds its way around Pennsylvania back roads before

ending up inside an abandoned cement factory.

Philadelphia's first RWB build is something that

we soon wont forget being a part of.

Make sure to watch the Behind



Credit to: Krispy Media