RWB Brooklyn



Before I was ever hired to film any RWB Documentaries I was offered to come

and film for Jalopnik during the build of RWB Brooklyn in 2016 .

At this point I had only ever seen one other RWB

in person and never met Nakai-San.

It was a very interesting experiencing everyone's respect for one man

in the room at the same time.

I was able to get to the build for the last two days,only missing the first.

This build took 3 days where now Nakai can complete a car in a day and half.

Looking back with all the experience I now have around Nakai and

the cars he's built, its crazy to think that I would be getting hired and

flown out time and time again to do this same thing.

I am honored for that and hope to continue to film as many RWB

Documentaries as I can.

If you or anyone you know is having and RWB built

and would like it documented to have the memories forever

on video please shoot me an email.


Thanks Jalopnik, ItsWhiteNoise, The Drive for this experience.


Credit to: Krispy Media