RWB Atlanta #3 | "Shingen"

With the birth of RWB USA #69 down in Atlanta,
Georgia my 6th build was under my belt.
Getting to once again capture Nakai-San in his element and work
together with the owner,
Allen, in bringing a new group of friends together
for the process was amazing.
Seeing how the build of one car over the course of two days brings so
many people together and express laughter and joy is a sight to see.
We had a great time filming down in ATL for the first time and were treated to some amazing food as you can see in the video
which was a nice change from the usual
fast food runs after each intensive day filming.
This film was different in that the owner did not wish to be interviewed
but rather have his family and friends tell the story of his build for him.
This video revolves more around the people and their interactions more so the car itself showing what Nakai San is capable of.
I hope you enjoy the video and look out because we still have RWB Kitchner in the works which is set to finish production around spring!
BTS vlogs from Atlanta to come soon as well! Thanks!

Credit to: Krispy Media